The Cirus Staking & Contribution Pool is Coming!

Cirus Foundation
2 min readOct 22, 2021


We are excited to announce the development of the Cirus Staking and Contribution Pool.

This pool will go live with the launch of the Genesis stage of the Cirus Platform in Q4 2021, and will only be available to platform users.

The Staking and Contribution pool is part of our commitment to a network and ecosystem first approach, and will allow users the opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem while earning rewards. A fixed percentage of staked tokens will be diverted to a network infrastructure fund, and used to — you guessed it — bolster the infrastructure on which we’ll be building our platform / applications.

This allows the community to contribute directly to the strength of the Cirus ecosystem. Initial planned uses for the funds include the creation of ETH and MATIC nodes for public RPC-endpoints connected to device and data transmissions, as well as validator acquisition and specific protocol level support on ETH(L2) standards.

Of course, contributed tokens will be held in publicly viewable, secure, multi-signature wallets, and the Cirus Foundation will provide regular reporting on all uses.

Future considerations for the fund include:

  • Governance capability tied to network updates and/or fund usage (Fund usage may include permanent lock/burning considerations)
  • Reward pool for platform participants
  • Treasury collateral for potential Stable Coin creation
  • Device deployment — Stakeholder programs

Initially, the pool will only be on the Ethereum network. By the time Everest is live, we intend to have the Staking & Contribution pool available to users on both Matic and Ethereum. Depending on how quickly we move through our roadmap, it may go live even sooner.

Full details of the pool will be provided closer to the launch of Genesis so stay tuned!

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